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Transformational Gifts

At The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, we define Transformational Gifts as philanthropic “investments” of $50,000 or more.  Gifts of this size ensure financial security for the future and help to transform research into patient care that has tangible impact. Transformational Gifts may be directed to one of our defined fundraising priority areas, or given to The Princess Margaret’s Highest Priorities.  Donations can be remitted in one lump sum or pledged over a period of time and, typically, gifts are eligible for a full tax receipt.  Some transformational gifts come in the form of a deferred or “planned” gift (most often a bequest that someone has left us in his/her Will). 
The Major and Estate Giving Team supports donors who are interested in making transformational gifts, whether that is a current or deferred gift.  We have an extremely knowledgeable group of professional fundraisers (donor managers) and an excellent team who provide stewardship to past donors (showing them the impact of their donations) and help future donors match their interests with the highest needs of The Princess Margaret.  As you will see below, each person has a specific area of expertise, and we are all here to provide help and assistance to all our generous supporters.

Sherri Freedman
Chief Development Officer
Tel: 416-946-4547
“I’ve been at The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation for over 8 years.  It is really a privilege to work with such a wonderful, committed team in support of some of the world’s most brilliant, dedicated doctors and researchers - who also happen to be nice, interesting people!  At least once every day, I walk through the Cancer Centre and see the (often smiling) faces of patients and their families who have come to The Princess Margaret to receive the best available care.  The deep relationships we develop with patients, family members, doctors, researchers and other staff is what motivates me.  It is a dynamic, fascinating, meaningful place to work and I am grateful to be here each and every day!”

Greg Lichti
Vice President, Development
Tel: 416-946-2168
“I am truly delighted to be a partner with our donors, our colleagues at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and my Foundation colleagues in our vision to Conquer Cancer in Our Lifetime. It feels like we truly are partners, with each person playing their part in this great quest.”

Director, Major Gifts
Tel: 416-946-2138
“One way or another, we've all been touched by cancer. My experience stems from the devastating loss of my father many years ago. Unfortunately, it's an experience shared by too many Canadians every day. But it's also a memory that drives me in my work. I'm not a researcher or a doctor, but I know -- through my work with our many generous donors -- we're helping to provide these brilliant minds with the tools to conquer cancer. With every story of family, friends and colleagues who are triumphing over this terrible disease, together we're making a difference.”

Bone Marrow Transplant, Cell Therapy, Chemo Day Care, Leukemia, Lymphoma (Hodgkin’s & non-Hodgkin), Mesothelioma, Myeloma (Bone Cancer), New Drug Development, Stem Cell 

Director, Major Gifts
Tel: 416-946-6571
“Having been at the Foundation for over a decade now, I’m constantly amazed at how far we’ve come in cancer research, treatment and patient care because of the incredible contributions of our donor community.  I’m so proud to work here and to be a part of what we, together, make possible every day. “

Breast, Gattuso Rapid Diagnosis Centre, Gyne (endometrial/uterine, cervix, ovarian) Immunotherapy Melanoma/Skin Nursing/REACH Pathology

Senior Associate Director, Major Gifts
Tel: 416-946-2128
“To Conquer Cancer In Our Lifetime is a bold and heroic vision. After getting the chance to work with the incredible staff of The Princess Margaret I believe this is the place to achieve it. We all think of people close to us who were taken too soon because of cancer and I often think of my uncle Gerrit who passed away from cancer too young and if I can work with generous donors and gifted clinicians and researchers to ensure people’s friends and family are not taken too soon this, to me, defines success. I am passionate about working here and would love the chance to speak with you about how you would like to have an impact on cancer research and make life better for those who have to hear the works ‘you have cancer’.”

Discovery Program, GU (prostate, kidney, testicular, bladder), Guided Therapeutics (GTx), Head & Neck

Associate Director, Major Gifts
Tel: 416-946-2107
"I love working at the Princess Margaret.  From day to day, I am in contact with amazing people:  patients, clinicians, researchers, staff, and generous and thoughtful donors.  When I walk through the Cancer Centre I am reminded that even though no one wants to come here as a patient, we are so lucky to have one of the top 5 cancer centres in the world in our city.  We have a friendly, caring, and passionate group of people working at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and at the Foundation – it is a privilege to be part of this team.   And my greatest joy is to see donors, through their giving, help fuel cancer research and treatment."    

Gastrointestinal (colon, esophageal, stomach, intestinal, anal, rectal), Hepatobiliary (pancreas, biliary, liver), Imaging/Radiology, Molecular Imaging, Surgical Oncology

Associate Director, Major Gifts
Tel: 416-946-2906
“I am honoured to work for an organization with such a bold and important vision and a world class reputation.  Each day I am inspired by the expertise and energy of the team at The Princess Margaret, determination and spirit of the patients and families impacted by cancer and the incredible commitment of our donors.  Together I believe we will achieve our mission to Conquer Cancer in our Lifetime!”

Brain, Dentistry, Ocular Oncology, Pediatric Radiation, Psychosocial& Palliative Care, Radiation

Senior Development Officer, Major Gifts
Tel: 416-946-4668
“My family has been profoundly touched by cancer and it is a privilege to be able to work in support of Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.  The energy, vision and passion of our clinicians, scientists and researchers is truly inspiring and they are the reason I believe that we will achieve our vision of conquering this complex disease.”

Endocrine, Guided Therapeutics (GTx), International Foundations, Invest in Research, Lung, Patient Education, Sarcoma, Survivorship

To find out how to leave a gift in your Will, please contact:

Senior Director, Estate Giving
Tel: 416-946-6562
“I’ve met so many special people since I started working at The Princess Margaret.  So many people who have been through a lot themselves, and use their time now to make things better for others.  And I LOVE my work.  You’d think that gifts from Wills and life insurance would be a lot of dusty files – but it’s endlessly interesting and I love helping people make really important things happen.  I just wish more people would ask us about how to reduce their taxes through gifts.  It’s so frustrating when someone realizes AFTER the fact that their gift could have cost them a lot less!”

Genane St. Rose
Development Officer, Estate Giving
Tel: 416-946-2295
“It is my sincere pleasure to speak and meet with our donors to hear about why they choose to support The Princess Margaret with a gift in their Will. Our donors are special and it’s their uniqueness that inspires me in the work that I do every day.”