Donor Stories

Emmanuelle Gattuso

Emmanuelle Gattuso knows what it feels like to hear the words ‘You have cancer’, and, fortunately, for others who hear those words, she has made it a personal priority to...

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Invest In Research

Started by a former patient, Invest in Research is a unique program that brings together a group of donors to vote on projects they’d like to fund. Members like the direct...

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Barry Boulanger

A watercolour picture of Terry Fox hangs proudly on Barry Boulanger’s wall at home. Barry was so inspired by the Canadian hero that he decided to become a monthly supporter...

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Ryan Keller

Ryan was so impressed with the level of care and compassion his mother received that he decided to become a monthly supporter. “I was motivated to give monthly because of...

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Henry Fu-Kwok Lui

The Lui family has so many wonderful memories of their time with Henry as husband, father and grandfather. It was the simple things he treasured the most—eating and cooking...

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Paul Gauthier

Paul Gauthier was living his dream of flying the world as an airline attendant when he received his diagnosis of prostate cancer in 1996. Radiation therapy held it in check...

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Manuela Di Rauso

One of the great delights of being a parent is seeing your values and priorities embraced by your children. Manuela Di Rauso knows how that feels. She is a mother and a...

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Randy Mellon

Randy Mellon is part of a very select group—supporters of The Princess Margaret who have walked in all 10 of The Shoppers Drug Mart Weekend to End Women’s Cancers events...

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