Donor Spotlight - Brittany Weber

After cancer touched Brittany Weber’s family, she wanted to do something to raise funds for cancer research and help those living with the disease. She made the bold...

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Donor Spotlight: Tom Wong

Tom, a patient at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre dropped off a mountain of toys to the children of Magic Castle. A unique program at Princess Margaret that gives kids a...

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Sydney Waldman and Ruby Grinberg

Sydney Waldman and Ruby Grinberg have been fundraising powerhouses, working with their dance team to dedicate their efforts to cancer research – and their moms.

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Thank you Bozzo Family

For the past three years, Dino, Riccardo and Frank Bozzo and their sister Dolce Marini have invited friends and family to join them for a special Mother’s Day dinner where...

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It was surreal!

The Night of Distortion raised $500,000, which Emmanuelle Gattuso generously matched for a total of $1 million for the immune therapy program.

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Making Joe’s dream a reality

Joe’s Team has become one of Canada’s most successful grassroots fundraising initiatives. It began with Joe Finley’s dream of creating a fundraising triathlon/duathlon...

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