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Arming the Immune System Against Cancer

The NY Times featured an interview with Dr. James Allison who is Chairman of the immunology department at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.  He is a true pioneer in the new field of cancer treatment called immunotherapy.  Read more about Dr. James Allison here...

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Power of Passion

"Passion helps drive success and is essential to the development of Passion Capital.  Passion Capital is the world’s most valuable asset." Read more of Paul Alofs' latest blog "Power of Passion."

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Thank you!

Our President and CEO, Paul Alofs, has a video message for you.

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Top 5 Blog posts of 2014

As 2014 wraps up, let’s see what blog posts you clicked on…
I think these posts really give a fulsome view of the year. From major announcements, to remembering loved ones, to meeting the brilliant people your funds support… 

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This fight to end cancer is real

Read the second blog post from Paige on her journey as she trains to be in the Fight To End Cancer... "Week two was filled with some sad and shocking cancer related news."

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