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The Passion Capital of Volunteers

This morning in The Globe and Mail, we announced eight new volunteers to our Foundation Board.  The entire Foundation Board are volunteers who give so generously of their time, talent, and treasure.

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279 Million Super Fund for Cancer Research

The two Princess Margaret lotteries have raised an incredible $279 million in net funds in support of one of the world’s top 5 cancer research centres. Check out the excerpt from Saturday's Toronto Star about these lotteries.

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The Campus Expands

We are delighted that cancer researchers from the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, funded by donors to the Foundation, have now taken over 10 of the 14 floors in this research building.  The Princess Margaret at 610-620 University Avenue still houses some of our 1,200 cancer research and clinical research staff.  

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Learning about Quickstart

Last November, Radiation Medicine Program’s Breast Site Group received the Innovation Award Honourable Mention from the Cancer Quality Council of Ontario for “QuickStart.” I was excited to learn more about this program that was helping women, especially knowing that 1 out of 9 Canadian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer.

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Honouring a loved one

I can tell you, there is nothing more humbling than when you share with us your cherished stories and memories of that special person. You remind us why we have met in the first place: to Conquer Cancer In our Lifetime. 

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