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OneWalk to Conquer Cancer OneWalk to Conquer Cancer is going into its 15th year and the Ride just celebrated its 10th year with a record $20.5 million raised. Brands are old news and old thinking. Movements that can be sustained and built over years are the new model. Thanks to our army of donors and volunteers and supporters. The Princess Margaret would not be one of the world’s top 5...

Posted by: John Smith   @marina   ert retet

Seeds of Hope

Why would more than 5,000 cyclists come out for a weekend to ride and raise over $20.5 million for the Princess Margaret?  With 40% of Canadians being diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, virtually everyone is touched by this horrible disease.  

Posted by: Paul Alofs   @Alofs   cancer, conquer, Ride, to Ride to conquer cancer
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