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20 years has changed our Nursing and Clinical Education Programs

Here are just a few changes in our Nursing and Clinical Education programs over the last 20 years since The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre has been at its new location on University Avenue.

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Partners in the mission to conquer cancer

We can't do it alone.

In our quest to conquer cancer, our partnerships are designed to innovate, strategize and distribute knowledge. Here are a few groups we have partnered with over the past 20 years.

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Evolution of Clinical Care

In the last 20 years at our location on University Avenue, The Princess Margaret has implemented programs that serve to improvethe quality of life for cancer patients. 

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Out of Bad Comes Good

November 2nd is an important day to the Alofs family as it is the anniversary of the passing of our Mom, Mrs. Pat Alofs.  Pat was an incredible person in every way, as well as a gifted teacher and a huge NFL fan!  She passed away November 2, 2002 of cancer, surrounded by her family who were also her caregivers during her illness.  

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Messages of Encouragement

Messages of encouragement are submitted by donors to friends and families who are touched by cancer. We hope you’ll be encouraged today!

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